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The workshops are organized by the business need they address.

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Getting Your Small Business Started

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business: Key Questions to Consider before Committing Your Time and Money.

Legal, Financing, Marketing and Other Start-Up Essentials: Your role, business plan, legal structures, obtaining capital, financial controls and marketing

Business Plan 1: How to Develop Your Best Competitive Advantage: Identifying your competitive advantage is the foundation for your communications strategy, market analysis, and business plan.

Business Plan 2: How to Write Winning Business and Financial Plans: Follows the Competitive Advantage workshop with focus on setting goals, financial considerations, market analysis, marketing strategy and developing a financial model.

Small Business Sales & Marketing

Customer Service: How to make a lasting first impression and then build repeat and referral business.

Effective Marketing: How to identify and target customers and learn how they gather information and make decisions. Examines the role demographics, psychographics, geographies and media channels play in your marketing success.

Sales Strategies: Learn about selling benefits, qualifying prospects, and dealing with objections.

Professional Sales Presentations: This workshop explores how to prepare a great sales presentation, earn the trust of prospects, words that get attention and closing the sale.

Internet Marketing

Use the Internet to Market Your Business: Learn the dos and don’ts of domain names, hosting, branding, key words, and content management systems. This workshop is the foundation for the more specialized subjects in the Internet Marketing series.

Build Your Business with Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Learn the basis of SEO, the art of enhancing your website’s ranking in the various search engines.

Increase Sales Through Pay Per Click: This advanced workshop focuses on how to use Pay Per Click to create an inexpensive advertising campaign.

Developing a Winning e-Mail Marketing Strategy: Discover how to create professional messages, increase open rates, permission marketing, and other value-added social media.

Harnessing Social Media: All businesses that want to attract new customers, create loyalty and build their sphere of influence need to learn how to use social media.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tools Including LinkedIn® Strategies: Learn affordable marketing strategies for obtaining more business from your current customers while attracting new customers.

Building an e-Commerce Site: This workshop will give you what you need to build an e-commerce site to successfully sell your product or service on line.


Managing Your Existing Business for Growth: Provides the tools to set future goals and manage your business more successfully.

Hiring and Managing Employees: Covers key questions including can you afford to hire employees, what type of skills will fit your needs, legal requirements for employment relationships and how to motivate and retain employees.

Systematize Your Business for Growth: This interactive workshop will show you steps to systematize business for growth, by hiring the right people, using technology, training, and effective delegation.

Insurance: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Business: Learn about types of insurance, coverage, how to obtain insurance, use of personal vehicles, subcontractors and employee benefits.

Financial Management

Costing, Pricing Break Even Analysis: Learn to determine start-up costs, working capital, break even, and the cost of incremental sales.

Financial Statements: This introduction to accounting and financial reporting will help you understand financial statements and terms they use. Gain understanding of the interaction between the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

Financing Your Business: This workshop describes some of the small business funding sources and their requirements. An SBA officer will explain their policies and procedures.

QuickBooks® Basic: Covers how to set up accounts, invoices, receivables, enter and pay bills, monitor inventory, reconcile accounts and prepare financial statements.

QuickBooks® Advanced: Explore advanced applications of QuickBooks® including job costing, profitability, expense reimbursement, balance sheets, profit and loss, preference mapping for 1099s, year-end closing, bad debts and petty cash.

Legal & Tax

California Sales & Use Tax Basics: This workshop will give a thorough explanation of tax law requirements regarding your responsibility for collection and payment of these taxes.

Contracts and Leases: The workshop will help you understand negotiating contracts and leases, oral and written contracts and offers and acceptance.

Organizational Structure: Legal, Tax and Liability: There are many ramifications around the legal organization of a business that need to be evaluated. Conducted by a business attorney, the workshop evaluates pros and cons of the various business structures.

Tax Considerations for Small Business: It is critical to understand tax liabilities, time requirements, potential penalties and what information determines what is owed.

Intellectual Property: The workshop addresses how to obtain a fair return on your investment by protecting your ideas and products. What is patentable? What actions must you take to protect your intellectual property? How do you enforce your rights?

Specialized Topics

Import/Export: This workshop address technical issues and the practical aspects of doing business with another country.

Real Estate Leasing Strategies: This workshop explores the “ins and outs” of a commercial lease in the context of today’s market conditions.

Doing Business with the Government and Prime Contractors: This workshop reviews strategies and requirements for doing business with federal, state and local governments either directly or through their prime contractors.

Starting a Restaurant: This workshop takes you from concept to opening the doors including managing government agencies and vendors, marketing and advertising tactics, how to hire, train and motivate employees and product pricing, cost control and analysis.

Profit Enhancement for Restaurants: This workshop is conducted by a panel of industry veterans and a Profit Enhancement Specialist. Topics include how to address your challenges, measuring costs, getting more out of your menu and gaining marketing presence with less investment.

Non-Profit Leadership Series

How to Start a Non-Profit Corporation: This workshop gives you an understanding of how to start and organize a non-profit corporation and the responsibilities for operating it. It covers legal filings to achieve tax exempt status, generating money, management structures and other keys to success.

Governance for Non-Profits - Effective Board Performance: This workshop explores what makes a great Board, guidance for bylaws, board responsibilities, effective committees and dealing with difficult board members.

Marketing is Critical for Non-Profits Too: Your target audience needs to know how the organization is fulfilling its mission and how they can contribute through volunteering and fund raising. Learn about developing your message, demographics, media and other elements of a sound marketing plan.