Get Your Own Personal Team of Business Advisors.

This program is designed to provide existing businesses with ongoing mentoring and coaching from a team of experienced executives. 

How Does Team SCORE Work?

We assemble your team based on your individual business goals. Your team will include a panel of experienced business people, representing different areas of specialization. They’ll work with you to identify opportunities for business growth, act as a trustworthy sounding board, and suggest solutions to any issues or roadblocks you may be facing. Most importantly, they’ll help hold you accountable for moving forward in all of the areas that matter most to you.

Is Team SCORE Right for Me?

You will benefit most from Team SCORE mentorship if you:

  • Are a key member in the business (officer or principal)
  • Your company has been in business for over two years
  • Your company has annual revenues that exceed $500K and have 3+ employees
  • You are available and willing to make a six (6) month commitment to mentorship

I’m Ready - How Do I Assemble My Team?

To get started, provide us with some information about your business by emailing the following to:

  • Your company name and website address
  • Years in business
  • A brief description of your product or service
  • Estimated annual revenue and # of employees
  • Business address, phone number & your preferred email address
  • List of key areas where you need help
  • We will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to set up your initial meeting

Have Questions?

Please send us an email at