Pay-per-click is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies, but it’s extremely easy to hemorrhage money if you’re not carefully optimizing your strategy. Just like it’s important to create an overall marketing plan, it’s just as important to create a PPC marketing plan.

Here are five important questions you must answer before getting started with PPC:

1. Which Keywords Aren’t Worth Your Money?

The quickest way to waste money on a PPC campaign is by paying for keywords that you’re not interested in. You can eliminate your ads from showing up on these queries by adding them to your negative keywords list. To start off, make sure to add terms like ‘cheap’ and ‘free’ to your negative list unless your product or service is ‘cheap’ or ‘free’. Finally, make sure to take advantage of the AdWords Keyword Planner. Simply enter your search terms, and you’ll see a list of related keywords. Comb through this list carefully, and remove any keywords that you don’t believe will be valuable.

2. Where Does Your Target Audience Live?

One of the most powerful filters you can use in a PPC campaign is the location filter. If you’re a small local business, for example, you can make sure that you’re only targeting a small area. If you’re an online business that only ships to the continental U.S., you can eliminate all global traffic. No matter who your audience is, it’s important to make sure you’re not spending money reaching people outside of it.

3. Is Your Call to Action Clear and Compelling?

Plenty of time is spent tinkering with your keywords and the actual search ad, but you need to spend just as much time on your actual landing page. Experiment to see what works best in regards to the amount of text you’re using, the placement of the CTA button, and the actual content. A strong landing page is the last chance you have to encourage a user to take the next step.

4. How Effective is Your Mobile Strategy?

Today, more people use their mobile devices to make web searches than traditional desktop computers or laptops. If you aren’t taking a close look at your mobile strategy, including optimizing all of your content for mobile devices, you’re not going to see much success with your PPC campaign.

5. What Happens After the Click?

Some of your leads may convert immediately, but it’s more likely that you’re still going to have to nurture them a bit, just like with any inbound marketing strategy. And even if you do land immediate conversions, you’re going to need a process to keep in touch with them to retain future business. Mass text marketing is your answer.

With a strong text message marketing platform, you can reach out to all of your contacts instantly, knowing that the open rate will remain well above 90%. You can build automatic campaigns, allowing you to nurture and retain your leads. Best of all, it’s cost-effective and extremely easy to use.

What steps have you taken to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns?

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