"Dorothy had really good advice for me. Alex and Ron were amazing! Great workshop"!
- Erika B.    10/12/19

"I thoroughly benefitted from this workshop and feel the information was invaluable".
- Jeremy H.   10/12/19

"Both speakers were enjoyable. I left with so many valuable takeaways. All of the examples and illustrations were very helpful. Ron and Alex were excellent. Great investment in a Saturday morning. Thank you"
- Shauna B.   10/12/19

"Good introduction on various aspects of starting a business. Friendly, supportive environment". - Karina M.   10/12/19

"He was very knowledgeable and had no problem answering my questions. I feel this class will definitely save me money on PPC advertising". - David J.   10/8/19

"Great information. Can’t tell you how valuable this session was for our business". - Jorge M.   8/23/19

"John was great. He engaged all the students in the class relating real life relatable to our own experiences. Very interesting and easy to follow". -   Corrine F.   6/27/19

"I liked doing introductions so we could all understand where others stand and how to learn from them and network. The printed material was very helpful to follow the presentation and take notes; also the material provided by email". -    Maria S.   6/22/19

"We have the big picture and know many small details of what we want to do with our business, but it can be overwhelming when it’s time to put it to paper or summarize our mission. This workshop helped identify the fundamental building blocks that seem to get lost easily. Now I feel like I can revisit our 60% complete business plan to revamp our approach! I feel more confident in producing something to show investors.
"- Nicole W.   6/15/19

"Presenter has personality and knowledge; great combo!!! I also enjoyed his assistant and her knowledge, personality and ability to relate business concepts to the canvas shell".
- Caryn P.   6/15/19

"The entire presentation was extremely helpful and informative. I really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot of information from it. I would like to take another workshop from Jeune Ortiz. Great energy and very friendly".
-   Brenda R.   6/6/19

"Excellent presentation! Both Harry and Bill bring decades of experience to the workshop and readily share a lot of great information".
-  Mark R.   6/3/19

"This was a great introduction to what you need to do for a non-profit. The class showed the overall process and how it is possible to start a non-profit, from forms, legal needs, etc. Enjoyed the class. I will come back to SCORE again".
-  Nicole L.   6/3/19

"Good presenter! I’ve attended many SCORE events and all presenters are good. Sandra is great"! - Victoria C.   5/18/19

"Instructor is amazing! QuickBooks is user friendly, but not the most riveting topic. She made it easy to learn and interesting. Wonderful instructor"! -  Christine I.   5/8/19

"Great overview of process involved. The resources at hand through SCORE are absolutely invaluable. I sincerely thank you for your time and assistance".
- Damian J.   4/6/19

"Both presenters are fantastic! They possess a wealth of information. This is a great service. Thank you".
-  Jill N.   4/6/19

"The class provides a lot of information and resources. Makes you think of all the options you can take with a business. It is an amazing class".
- Marlene I.   3/16/19

"Clear and concise information from start to finish. Real life examples were also helpful to tie information to real world expectations".
- Shannon C.   3/16/19 

"Truly enjoyed the workshop. Very informative and easy to follow instructions from PowerPoint. Loved the step-by-step assistance and the one-on-one help from mentors".
- Nancy M.   3/9/19

"This class was incredibly informative. The content was thorough and insightful. I liked that there was a lot of opportunity to ask questions".
 - Kayla S.   2/16/19

"Loved the overview; approachable and easy to follow with great actionable tips thrown in. Great starting point for newbie restaurant owners and those wanting to know what they’re in for regarding marketing needs".
 - Colette M.   2/13/19

"I love how the knowledge of the presenters works with the topic that is being taught. The amount of experience in the volunteers is uncanny".
 - Winfred F.   2/9/19

"I like that the experience of the speaker is awesome and their ability to project their experience through the workshop is fantastic".
 - Winfred F.   2/2/19

"I like that the experience of the speakers is awesome and your ability to project their experiences through the workshop is fantastic".
 - Winfred F.   2/2/19

"Loved two different speakers for two different experiences on life. Very good class, very detailed. Love the transparency of how business should be started or not be".
- Johanah D.   2/2/19

"I thought the instructor was awesome. Great teaching style and easy to understand, especially considering the content is pretty complex for 1st timers. Very impressed and appreciative".

 - Amy D.   1/8/19

"Great presentation and presenters. So much valuable information shared. Knowledge was fantastic. So glad I attended. Highly recommend. Thank you".
- Kelly B.   12/17/18

"Was incredibly useful and informative. Great"!
-  Monica N.   12/17/18

"Very effective communicator, comprehensive and extremely informative. Loved the relevant examples, real-time examples and time for questions".
-  Bridget R.   12/17/18

"Covered a lot of information in a short amount of time, clearly and giving me plenty of “take aways.”
- Debi Y.   12/17/18

"This class was awesome! So informative".
- Albert B.   12/11/18

"Great information and discussion with others. I enjoyed the relaxed humor and examples given. Great learning experience".
- Michelle E.   12/10/18

"Great expertise. One of the best in SCORE."
 - Robert N.   12/8/18

"Comprehensive, informative and very helpful. Great points. Loved the personal and fun atmosphere".
 - Armin G.   12/8/18

"Personalized examples and feedback. Great energy between presenters in a laid-back atmosphere. Took ore time when need be. Giving us time to work on mission statements, goals and providing feedback".
 - Bridget N.   12/7/18

"Fantastic value and presenters have scores of experience and personality. Very helpful resource!! Thanks"!!
 - Tibor S.   12/7/18

"Brilliant. Very well researched and personally presented. Superb content!"
 - Tibor S.   12/5/18

"Greg and Bob both had great supporting anecdotes and the workshop was extremely clear and easy to follow. I am looking forward to Business Plan B".
 - Angela E.   12/1/18

"Excellent examples making key points of the presentation. Provided good ideas using attendees’ business ideas as a basis."
 - Martin S.   12/1/18

"Very knowledgeable, great examples, great presentation skills, friendly, engaged attendees well".
 - Mike T.   12/1/18

"Just what I needed! I think everyone can benefit from automation in their business. Everything was very clear and easy to understand. Excellent"!!
 - Courtney S.   11/29/18

"Very clearly communicated in broad and simple terms. Key points were relevant and I learned things I didn’t know I needed to know! Thank you.”
 - Elizabeth C.   11/17/18

“Lots of useful knowledge and concrete examples. I liked the thorough explanations of how each segment of the business model related to and informed one another. John and Ron have great senses of humor in addition to their incredible experience! Thank you!”
 - Angela E.   11/17/18

“I liked this course; very informative. Bill did a great job in explaining many areas of insurance. Has given me a lot to think about and better understanding when picking company and agent. Thank you, Bill!”
 - Venus HJ   11/16/18

“Everything was great! I’ve learned a significant amount of information that will be very helpful for me to start up my business.”
 - Allen C.   11/10/18 

"It was an absolutely excellent presentation. I learned so much and the presentation was so clear. So much work to do, but I’m excited"!!!
 - Denisse T.   11/1/18

 "$25 for two hours of Eric Hanscom’s time. An unreal opportunity. Very grateful".
 - Cody W.   10/25/18

"This has been the most eye opening workshop I’ve been to. This will help me when I start my business. Great speaker; explains things in ways that makes it understandable".
 - Michael L.   10/25/18

"Alex was excellent! She gave great tips that will save a lot of time! She’s very valuable for all businesses, especially the small businesses and amateurs".
 -   Angie B. 10/23/18

 "Absolutely the most informative sales talk I have been to. Great opportunity! Very grateful! Thanks, Joe".
 - Cody W.   10/22/18

"Extremely helpful and useful information about loan options. Got me thinking fast and hard about needing a strong mentor to help me get started in a high risk business."
 - Linsey T.   10/17/18

"Fast paced, yet in depth where we needed it. Responsive to our questions and individual leads. High value class for only $25!"
- Tonya L.   9/28/18

"Very easy to follow. So much great information! Very insightful"!
- Ian S.   10/4/18 

"Enjoyed all of the antidotes that went along with each of the sections. It provided perspective and tangibility to the lessons".
- Stephanie G.   10/6/18

"Everything was so great and both presenters had a wealth of knowledge! I am so grateful. Affordable resources like this exist! Thank you so much"!
- Jennifer C.   10/17/18

"Excellent, comprehensive class. So grateful for SCORE".
- Tanya P.   10/17/18

"Outstanding; good handout. Knowledgeable, persuasive and thought provoking speaker".
- Aaron M. 9/11/18

"Very useful information. I will definitely attend more SCORE workshops!"
- Benai F. 9/19/18

“Best workshop I have taken yet. Engaging trainer, concrete tools shared".
- Christiane B. 7/27/18

“This class exceeded my expectations. Extremely useful information and tips that will help me to become successful".
- Nicole E. 7/27/18

"I really enjoyed the workshop that Ron and Art presented. What I especially liked was Ron’s stories relating to employee legality issues/concerns. I also really enjoyed Art presenting the idea of SMART and emphasizing the importance of fitting the role to the person".
- Tyler S. 7/20/18

“John was extremely knowledgeable, easy to understand and shared great information. Very impressive presentation".
- Stacey P. 7/16/18

“This was a very good class. I was very impressed by instructor in his presentation. Communication was clear and he related his information to our businesses, gave examples we could understand. He wasn’t too technical. I learned so much. Thank you".
- Bertha V. 7/16/18

"Excellent speaker. Excellent content. Would like five more classes by Alex".
- Bertha H. 6/22/18

"Amazing presenter. Extremely clear and answered all my questions with the big picture and details".
- Jessica M. 6/22/18

"Harry provided a lot of great scenarios and stories to help relate the learning content. He utilized each person’s specific backgrounds to relate the content".
- Tyler S. 6/20/18

"Instructor was very thorough and personable with great examples that made the information presented easy to understand".
- Gale F. 6/20/18

"Real business examples allowed me to understand business topics presented. It is very helpful speaking with the mentors while developing ideas for the business model canvas."
 - Adriana M. 6/16/18

"Very friendly and eager to help. Outlined valuable information for planning and made me think about new ideas for success."
 - Kevin B. 6/16/18

"Loved the expertise of both the instructors- we were allowed the opportunity to express, provide input, but facilitated properly to keep class on track. Great examples to think about what's cool, popular and important. I now have lots of new ideas."
 - Kelly R 6/16/18

"Good practical information."
 - David G. 6/16/18

"Olivia is energetic and maintains a great pace for her presentation. She honors each attendee's level of comfort."
 - April G. 6/14/18

"I liked the whole workshop. I learned the difference between three statements and how to use them to advance my business."
 - Martin L. 6/13/18

"I loved the course, information is priceless. Learning terms and definitions of these terms really helped me to identify them in my own business."
 - Jeremiah R. 6/13/18

"Great presentation and awesome information about Branding. The speaker was well versed on the topic. Steven was great and I would attend again if he has another workshop."
  - Marcel G.6/12/18

"Best workshop ever!"
 - Pam M. 6/12/18

"I don’t know enough about financing so I appreciate the education. Having a real loan officer here was a plus. I look forward to a future mentor appointment to put this education into practice."
 -  Andrew H. 6/9/18

"Very informative great presentation."
 - Patricia B. 6/9/18


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