Learn, share, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors in SCORE workshops.

Workshop Locale – SCORE Headquarters:  All workshops unless otherwise noted are held at SCORE headquarters – 8825 Aero Drive, Ste. 102.  Centrally located in the Serra Mesa area of San Diego, SCORE is easily accessible from Routes 8, 805, 163, and 15. Parking is free.

Accessibility:  SCORE's workshops are wheelchair accessible. Persons who wish to request disability-related accommodations including sign-language interpreters should contact Pam Bell, Office Manager at (858) 283-1101 or pam.bell@scorevolunteer.org. Please request accommodations as soon as possible.


"Very clearly communicated in broad and simple terms. Key points were relevant and I learned things I didn’t know I needed to know! Thank you.”
 - Elizabeth C.   11/17/18

“Lots of useful knowledge and concrete examples. I liked the thorough explanations of how each segment of the business model related to and informed one another. John and Ron have great senses of humor in addition to their incredible experience! Thank you!”
 - Angela E.   11/17/18

“I liked this course; very informative. Bill did a great job in explaining many areas of insurance. Has given me a lot to think about and better understanding when picking company and agent. Thank you, Bill!”
 - Venus HJ   11/16/18

“Everything was great! I’ve learned a significant amount of information that will be very helpful for me to start up my business.”
 - Allen C.   11/10/18 

"It was an absolutely excellent presentation. I learned so much and the presentation was so clear. So much work to do, but I’m excited"!!!
 - Denisse T.   11/1/18

 "$25 for two hours of Eric Hanscom’s time. An unreal opportunity. Very grateful".
 - Cody W.   10/25/18

"This has been the most eye opening workshop I’ve been to. This will help me when I start my business. Great speaker; explains things in ways that makes it understandable".
 - Michael L.   10/25/18

"Alex was excellent! She gave great tips that will save a lot of time! She’s very valuable for all businesses, especially the small businesses and amateurs".
 -   Angie B. 1-/23/18

 "Absolutely the most informative sales talk I have been to. Great opportunity! Very grateful! Thanks, Joe".
 - Cody W.   10/22/18

"Extremely helpful and useful information about loan options. Got me thinking fast and hard about needing a strong mentor to help me get started in a high risk business".
 - Linsey T.   10/17/18

"Fast paced, yet in depth where we needed it. Responsive to our questions and individual leads. High value class for only $25"!
- Tonya L.   9/28/18

"Very easy to follow. So much great information! Very insightful"!
- Ian S.   10/4/18 

"Enjoyed all of the antidotes that went along with each of the sections. It provided perspective and tangibility to the lessons".
- Stephanie G.   10/6/18

"Everything was so great and both presenters had a wealth of knowledge! I am so grateful. Affordable resources like this exist! Thank you so much"!
- Jennifer C.   10/17/18

"Excellent, comprehensive class. So grateful for SCORE".
- Tanya P.   10/17/18

"Outstanding; good handout. Knowledgeable, persuasive and thought provoking speaker".
- Aaron M. 9/11/18

"Very useful information. I will definitely attend more SCORE workshops!"
- Benai F. 9/19/18

“Best workshop I have taken yet. Engaging trainer, concrete tools shared".
- Christiane B. 7/27/18

“This class exceeded my expectations. Extremely useful information and tips that will help me to become successful".
- Nicole E. 7/27/18

"I really enjoyed the workshop that Ron and Art presented. What I especially liked was Ron’s stories relating to employee legality issues/concerns. I also really enjoyed Art presenting the idea of SMART and emphasizing the importance of fitting the role to the person".
- Tyler S. 7/20/18

“John was extremely knowledgeable, easy to understand and shared great information. Very impressive presentation".
- Stacey P.7/16/18

“This was a very good class. I was very impressed by instructor in his presentation. Communication was clear and he related his information to our businesses, gave examples we could understand. He wasn’t too technical. I learned so much. Thank you".
- Bertha V. 7/16/18

"Excellent speaker. Excellent content. Would like five more classes by Alex".
- Bertha H. 6/22/18

"Amazing presenter. Extremely clear and answered all my questions with the big picture and details".
- Jessica M. 6/22/18

"Harry provided a lot of great scenarios and stories to help relate the learning content. He utilized each person’s specific backgrounds to relate the content".
- Tyler S. 6/20/18

"Instructor was very thorough and personable with great examples that made the information presented easy to understand".
- Gale F. 6/20/18

"Real business examples allowed me to understand business topics presented. It is very helpful speaking with the mentors while developing ideas for the business model canvas."
 - Adriana M. 6/16/18

"Very friendly and eager to help. Outlined valuable information for planning and made me think about new ideas for success."
 - Kevin B. 6/16/18

"Loved the expertise of both the instructors- we were allowed the opportunity to express, provide input, but facilitated properly to keep class on track. Great examples to think about what's cool, popular and important. I now have lots of new ideas."
 - Kelly R 6/16/18

"Good practical information."
 - David G. 6/16/18

"Lively energy, very fun class. Really felt the feedback from the other participants was also valuable."
 - Lisa O. 6/14/18

"Olivia is energetic and maintains a great pace for her presentation. She honors each attendee's level of comfort."
 - April G. 6/14/18

"I liked the whole workshop. I learned the difference between three statements and how to use them to advance my business."
 - Martin L. 6/13/18

"I loved the course, information is priceless. Learning terms and definitions of these terms really helped me to identify them in my own business."
 - Jeremiah R 6/13/18

"Great presentation and awesome information about Branding. The speaker was well versed on the topic. Steven was great and I would attend again if he has another workshop."
  - Marcel G.6/12/18

"Best workshop ever!"
 - Pam M. 6/12/18

"I don’t know enough about financing so I appreciate the education. Having a real loan officer here was a plus. I look forward to a future mentor appointment to put this education into practice."
 -  Andrew H. 6/9/18

"Very informative great presentation".
 - Patricia B 6/9/18

"The expertise and knowledge was great! Very friendly and fun."
 -  Robert N 6/7/18

"Great, Typical well-paced."
 -  Tom P. 6/7/18

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How to Start a Non-Profit Corporation

December 17, 2018, 9:00am PST
San Diego, CA, 92123

Find out how to start and organize a non-profit corporation, and the responsibilities for operating it. Read more

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December 20, 2018, 11:00am PST
San Diego, CA, 92128
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Women's Networking Breakfast - Exhibitor

January 11, 2019, 7:45am PST
San Diego, CA, 92108

The morning includes up to 25 small business exhibitors, plated breakfast, guest speaker and two rounds of SCORE San Diego's high-impact table networking. Read more

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Local Event

Women's Networking Breakfast

January 11, 2019, 7:45am PST
San Diego, CA, 92108

The morning includes up to 25 small business exhibitors, plated breakfast, guest speaker and two rounds of SCORE San Diego's high-impact table networking. Free parking. Read more

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Hire & Manage Great Employees

January 14, 2019, 9:00am PST
San Diego, CA, 92123

Hiring the right person for the right position is important for any business, especially for small business. Read more

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