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The first hour of Business is Personal! It begins with your truth and three foundational business documents: 1) Personal Point of View (POV); 2) Strategic Plan and 3) Business Plan. Let Your Success Begin! Jacquelyn Martin, a human relation expert, organization development consultant and vision strategist, has expertise in coaching, mentoring, action research, leadership, sales and marketing, negotiations and planned change. For small business enterprises, Jackie conducts focus groups, needs assessments and co-creates with clients a vision and strategic plan for action. As a SCORE volunteer, she created, designed and facilitated an internal professional development program for Mentors. The purpose was for each to tap the knowledge and expertise that other Mentors brings to the table. Additionally, she served as lead trainer for the marketing and sales workshop. SCORE National, invited her to submit documentation of her SCORE experiences and work for inclusion in the Volunteers Archives. My Purpose is to assist people, organizations and business enterprises in ways that renew, regenerate and liberate the core of their greatness with sensitivity, empowerment and purpose. It is what I do so very well! My 7 Core Business Values 1. The goal of business is to inspire people performance, that leads to profit. 2. Leadership and organizational behavior, aligned with strategies, structures and culture (values, ethics, societal/community responsibilities and actions.) 3. Relationship with people, the environment and the planet matter. 4. Individual self-empowerment is derived from continuing professional development and work/life balance. 5. Leadership is a shared function. 6. Those closest to the action are the best source of information. 7. Respect for others is the highest form of acknowledgement.

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