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Creating Your Brand Story + Positioning to Sell A question I always ask everyone, "Who are you, what do you do, and why does it matter?" The clearer you get your Brand Story, the easier your audience can understand why your business fits their need and the tribe they associate with, and the closer they they get to point of sale. Identifying Your Ideal Client Where I start most clients off, regardless of how many years in business or success. Its always good to get a clear idea of your ICA so you know how to best tailor your brand. Designing a Brand that Stands Out + Competes in the Marketplace With multiple screens at our fingertips, how do you get noticed in an oversaturated market? We can talk out how to utilize branding, consistency, and repeat images and messaging to not only stand out, but make your competition irrelevant. Connecting with Your Audience People decide at a glance if youre the right fit for them or not. Make sure youre hitting the audience you want to target by not over or under-designing. Depicting Your Value Most customer and pricing issues are due to a mismatch between the value you portray, and the value you actually provide. Lets figure out where the gap is, and design accordingly. Maximizing Your Marketing A cohesive look across all collateral builds brand equity, makes you easier to recognize, thus making your marketing more effective and can actually reduce your marketing expenses in some areas. If You Learn Only One Thing About Branding, its... Clear Messaging + Company Ethos + Visual Graphics + Show up Consistently = Strong Branding >> Strong Brands = Easier Sales

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Kat Mai

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